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I'm a girl with class!

Hello there! Guys, I'm sorry for not writing here, but a had my vacations.

Today I made something funny for you people, it's called "girl with a class"

Here it is:

Yup, hahaha. Hope you like it!!!
How about my vacations?
It was great bacause I was at the Batlic Sea with my Boyfriend!

I had my 1st flight by the plane. I was SOO scared hahaha, but it was amazing!!!

Remember when I drew Alpaca pictures for my best friend who has ALPACAS breeding (click here) ? I visited her in Warsaw! And I got friends with this amazing, cute creatures!!

And the best thing I ever done was attended on Justin Timberlake concert at GDANSK in Poland. I love his music more now. I never thought that I could love it more hahaha (YES, I'M A FAAAAN)

So here I am again, hope you enjoy this post.

And please get fingers crossed for me because in 8 days I'm moving from Poland (where I lived 23 years) to Manchester UK for better live. Hope my english is fine and I hope to get a job, get a new friends, run into kind people and to find a lot of happines. Thank you.


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