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Amazing Brigette McKern!

Hi, this post is about an amazing girl from Florida who some time ago clicked "like" on my page.
I saw her facebook just to see who she is, and I got lost of words because:

She's 32 and currently listed to receive a bilateral (double) lung transplant. She has Cystic Fibrosis.

I saw her photos, in hospital, with some tubes in her nose. I was sick at heart but then I realized that on every photos (I swear) she has that beautiful smile, amazing wide smile and happy eyes.

I made a picture for her, with all my heart, just to keep this smile on and on.

If you want visit her page to know her story or help her on her journey to new lungs there's pages: 

Support for Brigette

 Please like her facebook page it means a lot for her :

Brigette's Journey to New Lungs - facebook page

Brigette on caringbridge

This Girl is amazing! Keep going Brigette! 
Girls should support other girls!! :)


I can't drink you away!

Hi! The concert of Justin Timberlake is coming (Poland) and I'll be there (so excited! Can't wait!).
So I made illustration of his song called Drink You Away

Do you like it?
Really girls' life story, isn't it?

If you have your own idea for illustration of song lyrics tell me because it's my favourite way to draw something. I'm a music freak! And lyrics are very important to me. So that'w why big up for JT !!!

Love,  Jshia.

Give your sister some love, Girl!

Hello there!  So :) Today I made something that may your sister smile. Here's a couple illustrations about sisters love. Very universal because of hair colours that I changed. I think it's very cute way to show how you love somebody.

You have my premit to use that pictures and copy it to your computer etc.

If you want to change hair colour one of the girls or add some details send me e-mail and I'll do it for you :)

Different hair styles:

Another skin type: 


Remember : love your sister!

Have a nice day, Jshia. 

René Magritte picture in my style

Hi! So today I want to show you my watercolour paiting - the inspiration was Rene Magritte's paiting called "The blank signature"
He's my favourite artist beacuse his paitings are so, so different, so unique and.. STRANGE.
I like strange things.

"The blank signature" By Magritte

"The blank signature" by me

Here's my favourite paitings of R. Magritte:

Strange and beautiful.
Have a nice day!

Deer Girl - How I made it


 So today I'll show you how I made a cute fawn-deer girl and how I manipulated it by photoshop making a big difference.

1. I made a quick sketch

2. I made sketch lines by black pen:

3. I used watercolours, love to paint by them because it's simple and fun:

4.  The end of the colouring. Time to photoshop.

5. And the fact is I just didn't like it. I took my time, my paints and I didn't like the result.

6.  So I manupilated it using photoshop. I used color manipulations and patterns. Now It looks like that: 

Which one you like better? Any questions? 

I used this graphic to my products like bags, iphone skins and a lot more!!
check it out 

Love, Jshia.

Cat illustration :)

Hi!!! Today I draw cats they just hanging out, hope you like it !

And this is my new product, deer girl on bag :

available at my shop

In next post I'll show you how I made this deer illustration. I was using photoshop and traditional art like watercolours.

Love you!!!


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